Thursday, November 09, 2006

incremental tweaks...

It's been awhile, sorry. We've been hammering out new features, refining features, and managing all sorts of requests for co-branded players.

Here's what we've been up to... I hesitate to post because I feel like this is all mundane "gotta have it to be a real service stuff."

We've tweaked the algorithm for playing "stations"... now just so you know, stations are just our lingo for a special breed of playlist programmed in house. Tracks on stations have "weight" and the weight of a track helps determine what is an acceptable next track. In other words, we don't want obscure songs following obscure songs... We're bringing you the hits!

We've reworked the tag page view a little.... it's still got a bit to go before we're done but at least you can page through the content for a given tag and pick out the stuff you've tagged. Tagged radio is great... it's our sleeper feature... someday the world will understand...

You can now see you're friends favorite playlists... it used to be the case that viewing a user profile would only show you playlists belonging to that user... well sometimes the best playlists are the ones my friends have discovered... so I ought to be able to see that. Mission Accomplished. There's a view called "Favorite Playlists" from the user profile page.

What else...
  • You can now forget your password and we've got the tools in place to send you a new one... woohoo.
  • We've updated our software infrastructure a bit... Mod_python needs to leak less memory.
  • Expanding Tag, Link, and Fan boxes wherever they show up... don't expect this to stay though... we've got something better brewing.
  • Related Artists listed on album pages... this makes building playlists easier... really!
  • So much other stuff that I can't remember.


Anonymous said...

what's the purpose? myspace already has a flash player- did you watch how they displaced youtube with myspace video?
there's no viral market outside myspace, but even if there was, and you became big, what about RIAA?

xelle said...

Just wanna say THANKS for FINETUNE its a TOP SITE...Love it !

x elaine x

Hacking Away said...

Not only have you created fantastic music site, you were also the first and only person to comment on my first blog (and you've got great taste in music). For that, I salute you.

Cheers - and good luck with Finetune!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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