Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May is My Favorite Month on Finetune!

What am I listening to today? A great playlist... it's great songs by my favorite artists! It's like someone told finetune exactly who I'd like to hear.... oh wait that was me.

The new feature this week is "Favorite Artist Radio" ... You've been clicking "I'm a fan!" for awhile now... starting today we play you music based on that... No need to pick songs, we'll grab some hit songs by each of your favorites and spin you up a playlist... 1 click from your user profile page.

How about your friends? Sure why not... click on the button from their profile page and listen to your friend's favorites... (friends / stranger with cool user icon... same thing ;-D)

Right now I'm listening to a playlist built automatically including:
... so many more! Check it out!

And for those of you who like ringtones... we've partnered with Thumbplay to find new songs to play at the theater this summer... links should be popping in across the service throughout the week.

Wiki'd ... the finetune wiki will roll out later this week and we'll be taking requests for would be editors.

Best - Mykel